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كورس الرسم بالفوتوشوب مع 14 مثال تطبيقي Photoshop Drawing With 14 Simple Projects

PHOTOSHOP Drawing With 14 Simple Projects
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Learn Important Exercises With knowing Photoshop Tools


Do you want to have more attractive practices with Photoshop software? Do you want to learn some important exercises after knowing Photoshop tools? I structured the course from simple to hard exercises. The cartoon characters you like are here. First you can run the original drawing on paper. Then edit the file with Photoshop and draw on the original image. Details such as eyes and facial components. How to edit your eyes with more realistic Photoshop? Face bumps and nuances and shadows. Change each layer with Transformer. Nemo, Anna, Spiderman, Panda and all the characters are here.

How to use the tool of choice. How to use layers? What helps to make the layers transparent? How to change the color saturation. Increase or decrease contrast? Why turn on masks sometimes? The purpose of this course is to convert a two-dimensional flat drawing into a large, three-dimensional drawing. Can we create textures in Photoshop? I just want to increase your creativity in Photoshop. The exact rule is not in using Photoshop tools. The tools are floating and waiting for your idea. Apply your creativity and gain skills with the use of these exercises. Sometimes you don't have to draw the eye twice, you just have to copy and mirror. What should be done about the roles of the tissues and the color change of these characters? I also want to find out what tools are good for editing in Photoshop? Only these simple exercises can enhance your skill.

Instead of learning their tools separately, learn their tools in these hands-on exercises. Contrast, color saturation, lasso selection tools, magic wand tools, transforms, layers, masks, erasers, creams, blurry and dozens of Photoshop tools. But you have to learn the tools only in these hard exercises. How to convert 2D to 3D? So learn with Photoshop drawing and drawing exercises.


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